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The community of Lynn always gets their packages delivered right when it’s with the rush courier services of Couriers Boston. Combining the expertise of our professional, bonded drivers and our advanced GPS technology, our drivers are able to ensure a timely and accurate delivery each and every time. You’ll also get real-time tracking for your packages and signature confirmation to know exactly when your packages were delivered. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—with Couriers Boston, you’ll always have a same day delivery service that’s ready for you!
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With our wide variety of rush courier services available to you, Couriers Boston can be your one-stop solution to all your delivery needs. From medical courier services and legal courier services to same day freight delivery, we can deliver anything from life-saving medical equipment delivery to 10,000 pounds of freight cargo all on the same day. All of this is made possible with our fleet of sedans, vans, box trucks with lift gates, and powerful freight trucks. For the ultimate peace of mind, we also offer our delivery guarantee with every one of your packages!
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Average Rating: 4.85/5.0 Based on 19 Reviews

What Our Customers Say

Mary H.
Professionals! I had never hired a courier service before and needed to deliver some equipment that I couldn’t fit in my car. These guys were prompt, professional, and friendly. The courier picked up and delivered all within under an hour. Definitely wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
Mason W.
I’m beyond impressed with how quick Couriers Boston responded to my request and completed it. I had a bit of an unusual request after FedEx messed up my shipment on the weekend, and they were there to pick up my package and deliver it in a fast manner. I was surprised since they were one of the only couriers that were still open on the weekends and managed to complete my delivery in a faster time than they originally promised.
Steve W.
Our company needed to transport pallets and large crates for a trade show that was a few states away due to a last minute shipping hiccup, so we were on a tight deadline. Couriers Boston arranged a cargo van to come and pick up my pallets and boxes and delivered it to the trade show in time for us to set up. Thanks again guys.
Michael B.
We used these guys to transport some medical samples after our regular courier dropped the ball. They arrived earlier than expected and delivered the samples way quicker than our usual courier. We have since switched over to using Couriers Boston for all of our medical sample and specimen deliveries. 5 stars!
Daniel S.
I am an out of town but needed some paperwork to be delivered to one of our clients and signed off on and then shipped back to me. I contacted Couriers Boston and they not only got the job done right (even though their driver had to wait a bit more at the client’s place than expected) they also kept their promise and made sure everything got taken care of and sent back. I even received a digital copy of the document right away. Amazing courier service and if I need their services again I wouldn’t hesitate to use them.
Annete F.
I needed a same day filing in district court, and unfortunately the lawyer responsible for it wanted the most amount of time to complete it before filing. I called Couriers Boston and they printed up my filing and then took it to the clerk of courts and had it filed in under an hour, during rush hour traffic. For any legal filings in Boston I couldn’t recommend them anymore.
Nathan B.
My company uses them for all of our STAT medical deliveries. We are talking samples, devices, trays with equipment that need cleaning, and implants and we have never had any complaints. Not only do these guys follow through with every order they also make sure all of our deliveries get the highest priority which means that our STAT orders aren’t waiting for a driver to come by to pick up and deliver.
Amanda I.
We needed to have some medical equipment delivered from our location to a major Boston hospital, and contacted a bunch of couriers who quoted us ridiculous rates and said they couldn’t guarantee it would be delivered on time. This was for immediate use by the hospital by the way. Couriers Boston picked up the phone on me and reassured me it would not only get delivered on time but also much cheaper than I was quoted everywhere else. They not only delivered on their promises, they also received a life time client and we now use them for all of our deliveries.
Kim W.
My company shipped a large pallet same day air through one of the airlines at to Boston Logan International Airport. The freight weighed 1000 lbs and needed special delivery that required a box truck with a lift gate. Luckily, Couriers Boston managed to get it taken care of and delivered to my customer in time. Would totally use them again and recommend everyone else to use them too.
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Courier Services in Lynn

Couriers Boston is the leading name in rush courier services and same day delivery. We employ bonded drivers who are Lynn-natives to speed your packages to their destinations, and with GPS guidance, they can plot out the most direct and efficient routes while giving you real-time tracking. They can even anticipate the morning slowdowns on Chestnut St or on Maple St. With the experts of Couriers Boston behind the wheel, we’ll always deliver your packages along with a quality customer experience!

Looking over the Atlantic, the city of Lynn is the 9th largest municipality in all of Massachusetts with a population of 94,000 who call it home. Once known as “The City of Sin”, the city has long since become a center of diversity, public art, and culture. Residents can enjoy attractions such as the Lynn Woods, the Grand Army of the Republic Hall and Museum of Lynn, and the fine eats of the Blue Ox bistro. But whether you’re running a restaurant or just a resident who needs to ship something in a hurry, Couriers Boston can make sure it delivers.

Couriers Boston features a large, diverse fleet of vehicles that keeps us prepared for any job. From speedy vans and sedans to powerful box trucks with lift gates and freight trucks, we can rush anything from a single letter envelope to 10,000 pounds of cargo materials. The next time you need a same day delivery service, there’s none more prepared than Couriers Boston.

Medical supplies are critical to the operations of the BayRidge Hospital and the Lynn Community Health Center. Should a shortage occur, both budgets and patient care can suffer. With the specialized medical courier services of Couriers Boston, the health organizations of Lynn can get their much-needed medical supplies while saving on their budget. Our OSHA and HIPAA protocol trained drivers use only the most direct routes while providing all the proper care while handling your packages. Whether you need medical specimen delivery or medical equipment delivery, Couriers Boston can streamline your health organization’s medical supply lines!

When you have legal documents that are needed to keep your legal affairs in order, the legal courier services of Couriers Boston can make sure they reach their destinations in quick time. Whether you need to submit a court petition or affidavit to the Lynn District Court or you need to serve a subpoena to another office, our rush courier services can deliver them in as fast as 1 hour, ensuring that you stay on top of things in your legal affairs.

Couriers Boston is proud to do its part in helping business run in the city of Lynn. As we continue to expand, we look forward to providing even more rush courier services to the people of Lynn and to making our customer experience even greater than before. Call us at 617-977-6230 to experience what thousands are already using for their fast same day shipping!

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