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Couriers Boston features our own specialized legal courier services for all your legal document deliveries in the Greater Boston area. Whether you need court filings, court document retrieval, or you need to serve papers to another organization—we have the court runners to ensure that your legal matters keep in order and your documents get to where you need them to go.

What We Deliver

From court petitions, court complains, court document retrievals, and even visa processing documents, there’s no legal documents that our bonded drivers can’t deliver in the Greater Boston area. Here’s a list of other legal deliveries that we can do for you!

How it Works?

Couriers Boston offers a whole range of times and rush courier services to fit your schedule and your needs. Here’s how it works when our clients contact us for a delivery!
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Legal Courier Services Overview

Do you need to submit critical legal court documents to your local courthouse or have court papers served in a rush? Do you have a legal deadline that absolutely needs to be met, but your hands are already full of other matters in the office? Couriers Boston has the legal courier services to help your law firm or your personal legal matters keep on track. With our same day delivery services, your legal documents and processing papers will be delivered fast, professionally, and safely in their original condition.

Legal cases have crucial deadlines and there’s no time to waste. That’s why the legal courier services of Couriers Boston can deliver your documents and papers in as fast as 1 hour—that comes standard with any of our rush courier services. What’s more, you’ll have our delivery guarantee that your packages will arrive at their destination on time. With Couriers Boston, you get both quality rush courier services and an excellent customer experience.

Our bonded court runners know well the locations of the many local and district courthouses, clerk offices, and housing courts of the Greater Boston area. Their years of experiences helps them make sure that your legal packages reach the right office, desk, or chamber. With the convenience of GPS real-time tracking and the peace of mind of signature confirmation, you’ll always know that your legal documents have been delivered successfully and to the right person. Couriers Boston doesn’t just do deliveries fast, we do it reliably and professionally, every time.

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